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How To Find The Perfect Granny Flat Building Company For Your Dream Project?

Granny Flat

More and more Australian homeowners are realizing the potential of adding a granny flat to their property. Also known as secondary dwellings or accessory dwelling units, granny flats boost livable space, rental income potential, and property value. But taking the plunge into a granny flat build isn’t something to leap into blindly. Finding the right granny flat building company like Granny Flat Solutions for your project is truly the key. For homeowners after their perfect granny flat, here’s a guide to vetting and choosing the ideal builder.

Create a Shortlist from Online Directories

The first step is developing a list of promising builders operating in your local area. Tap into resources like the National Association of Granny Flat Builders directory to find options. Look for builders with strong profiles highlighting granny flat specialization. Search for members ranked for customer satisfaction and expertise. Cross reference directories and review sites to make your shortlist.

Verify Proper Licenses and Insurance

Once you’ve noted potential builders, do your due diligence by verifying their credentials. Confirm they have proper licenses for your state and region. Make sure they carry robust insurance policies covering liability, defects, and worker injuries. Ask for documentation upfront. Unlicensed or under-insured builders are risky choices. Only those with all required accreditations in place should make the cut. 

Review Their Granny Flat Portfolio

Now take a close look at the builder’s past granny flat projects. Examine their portfolio for examples similar to your plans in terms of size, design and finishings. Look for evidence that they can not only get the job done, but execute your vision skillfully. If their past work has flaws or seems mediocre, it’s best to keep looking. Be sure to read through any testimonials as well.

Schedule Consultations with Top Contenders

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, set up initial consultations. This one-on-one time gives you a sense of the builder’s experience, communication style and professionalism. Be sure to get details about their specific granny flat construction process and what’s included. Outline your project vision, budget and timeline expectations. Their responsiveness and grasp of your goals will quickly help identify the right fit.

Ask About Customization Options

Granny flats allow for gorgeous customized designs – don’t settle for a builder pushing cookie-cutter plans. Discuss how willing they are to tweak pre-set designs or draft something completely unique for your space. Builders should walk the site to tailor recommendations to the terrain. Top builders craft designs around the client’s lifestyle needs rather than plopping down a generic box design.

Compare Quotes Closely

When reviewing builders’ quotes, don’t just look at the bottom line cost comparison. Make sure you’re weighing the full scope of work quoted. Double check that preparatory work like demolitions, foundation preparation and council approvals are included rather than surprise add-ons. Ask clarifying questions and watch for sneaky fine print. Optimal value balances fair pricing with top quality materials and workmanship.

Verify Experience with Council Approvals

Local councils have very particular requirements for granny flat plans and permitting. An experienced builder will know the process inside out. They can expertly ready your documentation for council submission. Ask for examples of past applications they’ve had approved. Builders who routinely get the green light from councils make getting over this hurdle far less stressful.

Trust Your Gut Instinct

Consider how confident builders make you feel about delivering your dream granny flat on budget and on time. Beyond ticking all the boxes, the intangible factor of trust should also guide your decision. Working with a builder should feel like a collaboration, not a battle. When you find a builder wholistening skills, positive attitude and shared vision, you’ve found a winner.


Don’t leave one of the biggest investments you’ll make up to chance. Vet granny flat builders thoroughly before turning over the reins. A sensational space customized to your needs starts with choosing the right partner. Do your homework to find a five-star builder ready to make your granny flat dreams a reality.


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