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Understanding OPT Jobs and 90-Day OPT Unemployment The Significance Of Reporting Your OPT Employers


Once international students have applied for post-graduate OPT employment and OPT STEM extension following graduation, it is vital for them to report their employer to update their SEVIS and manage their unemployment days OPT挂靠. The mandatory OPT Employment Report is essential for tracking the legal work status of students in the United States.

MaxOPT is dedicated to maintaining your status during OPT, extending OPT, converting your status, addressing Day-1CPT enrollment concerns, applying for spousal visas within the US, conducting background check.

About Your Opt Sevp Portal

The SEVP Portal serves as a platform where F-1 students are required to input their residential address, contact number, and employer details upon the completion of Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) OPT.

Upon the commencement of your OPT period, you will receive an activation email from SEVP, which will contain instructions on creating your personal SEVP account. This email will be sent from There are no governmental charges associated with setting up this account. Failure to provide the necessary updates within 10 days of changing employers may result in the termination of your SEVIS record and the validity of your F-1 status being jeopardized.

What Should I Do If I Have Not Received An Email From SEVP To Activate My SEVP Account?

If you haven’t received an email from SEVP to activate your SEVP account, it’s important to note that SEVP will only send this email once your OPT has been approved and activated. The SEVP email will be sent from do-not-reply.xxxxx to your school email, marked as important. Remember to check your spam/junk folder to ensure you haven’t missed the SEVP email. If it’s been more than 2 days past the start date on your EAD card and you still haven’t received an email from SEVP, contact your DSO to request a reset of your SEVP account.

What Should I Do If I Forgot To Report Employment Within 10 Days Of OPT?

If employment began over 10 days ago and you failed to report it within that timeframe, you must collaborate with your DSO to update your new job details. Additional authentication proof for the job will be required as the update surpasses the necessary timeline. Ultimately, the DSO will initiate SEVIS Reinstatement from the SEVP department. Throughout the first year of OPT, the cumulative total of unemployment days must not exceed 90 days, covering any days before commencing a job and any intervals between jobs.

How To Update Employer In The SEVP Portal?

  1. Kindly ensure to input your employer information within 10 days of commencing your employment.
  2. If you hold multiple simultaneous positions, please ensure to include each employer in your SEVP Portal account.
  3. Should your employment end date not be specified, you may leave this field blank.
  4. Upon the conclusion of your employment, please remember to update your employer information in the SEVP Portal by amending the end date. When transitioning to a new employer, remember to create a new employer record. If your role changes within the same organization, simply edit your position within the existing record.
  5. In the “Employer Address” section, kindly input the address of your workplace, which may differ from your employer’s primary office address. Should you remain with the same employer but relocate to a different site, ensure to modify the employer address field.
  6. For comprehensive guidance on updating employer information in the SEVP Portal, please refer to detailed instructions.

Is OPT Affiliation Necessary If Unemployment beyond 90 days

After graduation, many students start their OPT period without a job. Some choose to work for an affiliated company (OPT挂靠)to manage the “90-day unemployment period “. We outline what constitutes OPT affiliation here.

During their first year of OPT, many students secure sponsorship or engage in voluntary research within acquaintances’ companies to address their unemployment phase. Some are eventually sponsored for an H1b visa. Seeking short-term internship sponsorship or volunteer opportunities with companies is a relatively reliable approach.

Employers may need to provide slightly different information to different school’s International Student Offices (ISOs). We detail the most comprehensive steps here and encourage individuals to contact us directly for assistance with OPT extension sponsorship.

Keep the employer’s offer letter, which should include the company’s address information, job title, work hours, and hourly wage (if unpaid, specify “volunteer”). Both parties should sign it. Provide it to the ISO as a backup if required, and keep it for potential background checks. During OPT, retain all employment-related documents (offer letter, attendance records, pay stubs, etc.) as they may be necessary for future benefits or status changes.

How To Update Your Employer Information On Your Paper I-20 Document

Updating the employer details on the paper I-20 is vital. When OPT commences, the I-20 only shows the start date and advisor’s signature; there’s no employer information. Upon securing employment, submitting the job offer to the school is necessary. The school will then synchronize the employer’s details on your paper I-20. However, as the paper I-20 can only accommodate one employer’s information while OPT allows for multiple simultaneous employments, many schools have implemented online submission of employer information to ensure timely updates.

Updating the paper I-20 also offers significant convenience in the following scenarios:

  1. Presenting the EAD + I-20, along with an employer’s confirmation letter, strengthens your employment status during immigration upon returning to the U.S.
  2. Facilitates easier processes for exchanging driver’s licenses, conducting banking transactions, purchasing a car, and providing proof of funds when required.
  3. If you are working outside the state where your school is located, updating the paper I-20 enables the school to scan an electronic copy and mail a paper copy to you. Updating the paper I-20 remains the most traditional and universally recognized method to reflect your employer information on a tangible, valid document for peace of mind.

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