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The Rise of OET Online: How It Compares to PTE and IELTS in the Healthcare Sector


The power of language can make a big difference in the digital world. The English language, particularly, has the potential to make or break a career. Having a good command of English writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills in the healthcare industry is the choice to fulfil your career prospects in English-speaking countries. 

This is why passing the OET online exam is essential to communicating effectively in English-speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK and providing better care to patients. Many regulatory requirements in these countries require healthcare institutions to employ only English-proficient nurses and doctors.

If you are a medical professional wishing to move abroad, this blog will guide you through everything you need to learn about the OET online exam. Alongside, we will also compare it with the PTE and IELTS exams to make the difference clear.

Understanding OET Online

As the name mentions, the Occupational English Test (OET) is designed specifically for healthcare occupations. If you are a registered nurse, doctor, or any specialist finding a job abroad, then you have to pass this exam to meet the health industry’s needs. 

This exam is recognised globally and tests your English language skills in healthcare. OET online prepares you for tasks similar to real healthcare scenarios. This ensures that professionals understand and communicate well in their expertise. 

OET Online: Features and Benefits

Healthcare institutions, in recent times, are transitioning to the OET online exam which offers the same approach as the traditional in-person exam, but with more convenience to test takers. Let’s learn about these benefits. 

  • Candidates can take the exam from any location with a stable internet connection, reducing travel and accommodation costs.
  • OET online exam offers more test dates with online registration, which allows for better convenience if you fail to pass in one attempt.
  • Advanced proctoring techniques ensure the test remains secure and fair.
  • The online format allows you to get faster results.

Comparison of OET Online with PTE and IELTS

Now that you know enough about the OET online test, comparing it with other similar English proficiency tests is also crucial. Let’s understand the format, content, and scoring of the OET exam compared to that of PTE vs. IELTS exams. 

  • Format and Structure of the Exams

  • OET (Occupational English Test) Online: 

The OET online exam assesses your English skills with healthcare-specific scenarios that you will encounter in your daily life as a healthcare practitioner. These involve tasks such as patient consultations, writing referral letters, and understanding patient care discussions.

  • PTE (Pearson Test of English): 

PTE is a computer-based exam that tests general English language proficiency across speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The test uses diverse content not specific to any profession and includes tasks like summarising written text, multiple-choice questions, and essay writing.

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System): 

IELTS measures general English language proficiency across four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The tasks are general and include general discussions and essay writing, and are not meant for any specific profession. 

2. Scoring and Benchmarking

  • OET Online: 

Scoring in this exam depends on communication standards set in healthcare professions. It provides detailed feedback on different aspects of language use in medical contexts, such as clarity of expression in patient interactions and writing comprehensible patient care reports.

  • PTE vs. IELTS: 

Scoring for PTE vs. IELTS is different from that in OET exams. While both the tests provide specific and overall scores for the four skills, PTE uses automated scoring for faster results, and IELTS writing and speaking sections require an examiner to check the language proficiency more subjectively. 

These scores are widely accepted for various purposes, including studying, working, and immigration, but are not specific to any profession.

Advantages of OET Online for Healthcare Professionals

  • Better Preparation and Confidence for Healthcare-Specific Tasks

Healthcare professionals can easily refine their language skills in contexts that closely resemble their daily tasks. This preparation allows you to handle conversations and documents in healthcare settings. 

  • Healthcare Institutions and Regulatory Bodies Recognition

Healthcare regulatory bodies, employers, and education providers across the world, including in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and others, recognise the OET exam. This recognition sets a standard for assessing the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals. Passing the OET Online can also help you fulfil the language requirements for licensing and registration to get easy entry into the international workforce. 

  • Opportunities for Career Advancement and International Mobility

The accreditation of OET Online is often a prerequisite for international job applications, visas, and educational opportunities in the healthcare field, helping professionals to achieve their career goals.

Final Words

Throughout our discussion, we explored the understanding of the OET online exam and the importance of the online format for aspirants. We also compared the OET online exam with that to PTE vs. IELTS exams to get a clarity on the structure, content, and expectations of this exam. 

If you are a healthcare professional looking for an entry into healthcare institutions in Australia, UK, or Ireland, consider online OET as your option to sail through the journey. Choose quality learning from English Wise as your resource to prepare extensively and get faster results. Contact today for a 100% free consultation session on OET exams. 


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