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What Are the Must-Do Outdoor Activities in Scottsdale?


Some people claim to be an adrenaline junkie, others a nature enthusiast or just someone who loves the great outdoors. The good thing is that the quirky city of Scottsdale has lots of options.

The Storied Camelback Mountain

This striking natural marvel affords hikers challenging terrains and remarkable vistas. The Echo Canyon and Cholla trails welcome adventurers, each trip up guarantees an experience of enlightenment. Just ensure you embark on your climb early and maintain hydration.

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve

There’s not too much more impressive than the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. It’s a paradise for those who can’t resist the wild’s siren song. We’re talking over 225 miles of pristine trails. It’s a playground for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians alike. Fancy a guided tour? You’ll uncover the quirky secrets of Sonoran Desert’s unique biology. Adventure awaits.

The Peaceful Salt River

Swap the desert’s heat for the soothing coolness of the Salt River. This scenic waterway provides a serene hideaway from urban tumult, with the opportunity to observe wild horses in their pristine habitat. Plunge into this water-bound adventure through kayak hire or escorted trips.

Glide Over Scottsdale in a Hot Air Balloon

It’s worth looking for ways to explore a city in a unique way. This is a great way to describe a hot air balloon ride. Cap your flight with a post-touchdown celebration featuring a customary champagne toast for a matchless sky-bound encounter.

The Desert Botanical Garden

Journey into the Desert Botanical Garden to admire arid splendor in the city’s heart. Look on the website to see if any events are coming up. Otherwise, enjoy over 50,000 plants. It’s a green paradise that no plant or animal lover can resist.

ATV and Off-Road Tours

Scottsdale offers heart-pounding ATV and off-road tours right into the desert’s core for the adrenaline junkies among us. These guided escapades serve up thrills as you tackle rocky terrains and steep slopes, all while soaking in jaw-dropping views.

Putt at Top-Tier Golf Courses

Scottsdale isn’t just a golf haven. It’s a golfer’s paradise with over 200 top-notch courses. It’s not just about hitting a ball around for a while. It’s about making memories with friends while enjoying the beautiful views.

Venture on Horseback in the Desert

Honor Scottsdale’s cowboy past with a tour on horseback. Guided trail rides meandering through the desert will reveal an unmatched view of the region’s innate beauty.

Your Quest Awaits

Scottsdale isn’t just a city. It’s a playground of adventures waiting to be discovered. Dive into these must-do Scottsdale outdoor activities and soak up the cultural flair and natural beauty that make Scottsdale truly unique. Ready to launch your Scottsdale odyssey? Secure your journey today and let the boundless outdoors astound and thrill you.


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