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Real Customer Reviews: Experience with Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker


Real user experience and feedback can often reflect how a product is. A good user experience can increase user satisfaction and loyalty, and a bad user experience can make the product constantly be improved.

Let’s take a look at the real voice about Aorkuler dog GPS tracker.

  • Background

Rick and his dog usually live in the suburbs, where the cell phone signal is very poor. He used to use a lot of trackers which is using data networks for his dog’s safety, and he found that the trackers he had used not only required monthly payment, but also often lost signal and could not be used. The above situation not only made him waste a lot of money, but also often caused him a lot of uneasiness.

Later, after being completely disappointed with these trackers, he left them all unused and turned to desperately trying to find a pet tracker that was more suitable for countryside use. By chance, he learned about Aorkuler dog GPS and tried it out.

  • Experience of Aorkuler dog GPS

After using the product, Rick said:

“After a few days of testing, it performs satisfactorily in most scenarios. My puppy can easily run into places where bushes block my view and I can’t find it. But this tracker can show the right direction and distance very quickly, which is a new and exciting experience, just like a compass, or radar mode. The battery power performs well in this radar mode.

When the weather is good, the satellite connection is faster, about 10 seconds at the fastest, but sometimes it takes 3 minutes of patience at the slowest.

The Aorkuler Dog GPS doesn’t require the use of an app or Bluetooth to connect to a cell phone, so I can put my phone aside while walking the dog, and bringing it with me doesn’t help because there’s no signal.

It doesn’t require a subscription so you can take it out and use it.

However, It still has some drawbacks.

If you only use the tracker indoors or around town, it doesn’t work nearly as well as my other trackers. While the other trackers require a monthly subscription fee, I still feel that buying another subscription tracker is a solid option for urban use.

Overall, this product is a real surprise in the right situation. “

  • Other user reviews

Here’s another person who used Aorkuler dog GPS, and left a review on Amazon

From Alan:

In the review, Alan mentions his own stressful experience of losing his loving dog in a national park and his own real testing of the Aorkuler dog GPS in the countryside. After the test, he found that Aorkuler dog GPS worked very well in country areas, so he was confident that his dog would be found if he lost it in the wild.

Finally, he enthusiastically gave helpful advice to other purchasers, encouraging them to email Aorkuler when they have any questions. Because he believes that they have pretty good customer service, any questions will be answered very quickly and professionally.

  • Conclusion

The Aorkuler dog GPS has really garnered many positive reviews for people who use the tracker in rural and hiking areas, but it still has some unusable areas and some points that should be constantly improved.

In fact, user experience is really very important and it’s every manufacturer’s wish to give their users the best possible experience with their products, and I’m sure Aorkuler dog GPS is no exception. For those seeking a pet tracker suitable for rural and hiking areas, the Aorkuler dog GPS is a strong contender.


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