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PHP Framework Showdown: Comparing Laravel, Symfony, and Yii


The PHP framework is an important part of the website development process. It helps to develop robust software products within a short time. Framework provides ample benefits to web developers when they want to develop a high-performing website with nice features.

Framework saves time and helps to build a responsive website with rich features. This article explains the differences between Laravel, Symfony, and Yii framework. We will also discuss the best PHP framework to select for website development.


Comparison of Laravel, Symfony, and Yii

Laravel, Symfony, and Yii are convenient options for developing multiple websites for various businesses and companies.  All 3 of them come with attractive user interfaces and robust features. However, there are many differences between these 3 PHP frameworks.

Let us have a look at the features of these 3 PHP frameworks and the differences between all 3 of them in terms of different factors:

  • Process of Installation
  • The first factor to consider is the procedure of installation. All 3 frameworks have different installation procedures. You can use Composer for all 3 frameworks to install for website development.
  • Installation of the Laravel PHP framework is a breeze and can be done in a few minutes. It includes a helper that makes the installation process speedy by using a standalone command-line tool.
  • Yii has a bit of a complex installation procedure. To install the Yii framework, you must download software and run the application. Yii comes with a back-end and front-end that can be used to develop an admin area.
  • In the case of Symfony installation, the Composer plays a vital role. You can use Composer PHP dependency manager to handle components.
  • Laravel is the best PHP framework of all as it involves an easy installation procedure.


  • Performance of the framework
  • The next important factor to consider is the performance of the framework. Yii is the fastest working PHP framework that uses a lazy loading technique to get better performance.
  • Laravel is a slow-performing framework and includes many issues. Symfony has a complex structure and different features from the rest of the 2 frameworks. It decreases the time and risks involved in the occurrence of new bugs.
  • It is clear from the above discussion that Yii performs better than Symfony and Laravel frameworks.


  • Security level
  • Now, we will talk about security level in 3 frameworks. In the Yii framework, the security level is high and protects your system from threats. It includes a special role-based access control, authentication system, and password protection features for high security.
  • On the other hand, the Laravel framework lacks an access control system. You will have to get a few extensions and third-party applications to improve the security level of the Laravel framework.
  • Symfony comes with a set of advanced tools for maintaining security. It is a bit of a tough process to integrate these tools into the project. However, Symfony comes with multiple features to boost security such as firewalls and providers.
  • Laravel is the best framework when it comes to security level and protecting data.


  • Development
  • When it comes to the development factor, Symfony wins the race. It is easy to use Symfony to meet the needs of the market and customers. Apart from that, it is also easy to beat competitors by using the Symfony tool.
  • Laravel is very slow and does not have a community like Symfony. It will take some time to develop Laravel and its community for web developers. The Laravel framework is easier to learn than the Symfony framework. You will get many tutorials to learn about Laravel and its functions.
  • Yii is a good option to learn speedy code generation and web development. It gives better performance than the Laravel framework.
  • Symfony is the winner in terms of development. It is simple for beginners to learn Symfony and use it to meet market demands.


  • Cost of development and maintenance
  • Now, let us talk about the cost of development and maintenance in all 3 PHP frameworks. Symfony is costlier than the Laravel framework. In the Symfony framework, it is simple to manage projects and update them regularly.
  • On the other hand, Laravel is a cheap option for web developers. It is easy to maintain Laravel projects with the help of its rich features. However, the Laravel framework is not good for scaling purposes. This is because web developers have to change codes often in the Laravel framework.
  • Yii is the most expensive PHP framework. It may not match the requirements of a small-scale business or company with a limited budget. You can ask the team of Laravel Website Development Company for more details on the cost of development.
  • Symfony is the best option with a simple system to manage projects.


Table showing the major differences between Laravel, Yii, and Symfony in terms of different factors

Symfony, Laravel, and Yii are top-notch PHP frameworks with rich features. All 3 of them are different in terms of various factors. A table showing the differences between these 3 frameworks is given below:

Points of differences Laravel Symfony Yii
1. Installation procedure Easy procedure Installation with the help of the composer A web app and a basic template to install the Yii tool
2. Database support Laravel framework contains a low number of databases Contains a large number of databases such as Dynamodb and NoSQL Yii supports a lower number of databases than Symfony
3. Community Laravel has an average-performing community Symfony has the best community to help users Yii has good customer support
4. Extendibility Laravel offers the highest number of extensions for website Symfony contains only 2825 bundles Yii contains 2078 extensions


Final words

If you want a good website for running your business, hire the best PHP development services. These professionals develop the website for the different types of businesses by using rich features of the PHP framework.

Professionals of PHP Development Company will help to complete various projects of the businesses. They will offer the features that suit your business needs and requirements.



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