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Navratri Glam: Essential Jewelry Pieces to Elevate Your Festive Look

Jewelry Pieces

Navratri is one festival where women tend to go all out in style. The variety of art that goes into a celebration like this is outstanding. From performing arts like garba to crafting art on the chaniya choli, each addition only makes the festival grand. But clothes and dance are not what the festival is solely about. Navratri Jewellery is vital in the equation of any Indian festival and Navratri offers nine long nights to experiment with a collection of jewelry. If you think that jewelry for Navratri is confined to earrings, necklaces, and bangles then this blog is certainly going to change your perspective on that. Here’s a list of Navratri jewellery that you need to know about.

Here are Some Top and Exquisite Navratri Jewellery

Maang Tikkas

Maang Tikka is an accessory that is worn on the forehead and is attached to the hair by the hook. The accessory imparts an illuminating look to the wearer. Experiment with a wide range of maang tikkas like the Kundan tikka, Borla tikka, and matha pattis this Navratri season . While this is not a common piece of jewelry for Navratri, you certainly are going to be distinguishable from the crowd.


Chaniya Choli is an outfit that is certainly incomplete without earrings. Earrings are basic pieces of jewellery worn over most clothes and this festival is no exception to that. If earrings are the only element you are looking for then opt for extravagant jhumkas to accentuate your look. Besides that, don’t miss out on a wide range of earrings from oxidised damya ones to cowrie-shell earrings to the evergreen chandbalis in silver.

Oxidized Necklaces

A classic feature of the lehengas and chaniya choli is the necklines and the bare space they leave for necklaces. Though necklaces are commonly worn during the festival, discover new kinds of this jewellery. A tip to pair your oxidized Navratri jewellery well with your neckline is to pair chokers on deeper necks and those matinee and opera length necklaces with high-neck blouses. Additionally, coordinate your clothes with the traditionally worn oxidized necklaces or opt for an afghan necklace if you like a splash of color.

Nose Rings

If you are satisfied with your look and are looking for face framing jewelry then include nose rings to your list. Embrace drama by opting for different sizes of nose rings in silver and colorful hues. Apart from the regular set of nose rings available for the occasion, include septum rings in your collection of Navratri jewellery for added definition.


Kada is a thick metal bangle worn on the wrist. This jewelry is available in a collection of shapes and designs. Among the most common types of kada are the minimalist plain ones, the ones engraved in design, and those with gemstones. The engraved kadas are usually seen in floral and animal depictions. Apart from that, the kada with gemstones is a fit for you if you prefer some color in your jewelry for Navaratri.


If you like your Navratri jewellery to be minimalistic yet extravagant, then rings are something you would want to consider. Choose from a range of statement Afghan rings in floral and animal designs. While they might seem weighted for some, you can always go for small rings on all your fingers. Lastly, remember to coordinate the color of the rings well with that of your chaniya choli to balance your look.

Baju Bandh

Baju bandhs aka armlets as an accessory dates back to ancient India. This jewelry guarantees to make you feel like a royal. This Navratri, experiment with different kinds of baju bandh from plain silver ones to those with designs. If you prefer wearing statement pieces on your outfit, then baju bandhs are a must-try.


During Navratri, people are believed to celebrate by dancing the garba. While the music is played at the place where the celebration is taking place, ensure that you are taking the music along with those melodious payals. Select your style of payals from silver plain ones to those with studs and beads on them.


Learning about a wide range of Indian jewelry is overwhelming and might seem confusing for those who are seeing the variants for the first time. Well, there’s no need to frown upon that since you have nine long nights to yourself where you can experiment with an array of jewelry to compliment your looks. So dance the night away by donning these amazing pieces of essential jewelry for Navratri.


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