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Manaslu Circuit Trek- A replacement for the Everest trek?


Manaslu Circuit Trek is revolutionizing the travel industry of Nepal. Emerging as a major tourist spot in the country, this land, still known as the restricted land, is the new favorite for mounting lovers. 

After Everest has been usually commercialized by travel agencies and climbers, it is now a very expensive destination. Everest climbing is expensive, but the base camp is also not very cheap. In comparison, the per day expenses in Everest are exactly double or more than the cost per day at other tourist places in Nepal. That is why everyone has been looking for an alternative to the traditional Everest route. And that is how Manaslu Circuit Trek started to become very popular in the past few years. 

Kept as a restricted trekking zone for a long time, the government has been able to preserve the local heritage of Everest in its intact form. Due to the beautiful village and very peace-loving villagers, the natural and cultural heritage that has remained intact form, and without the effect of any foreign invasion in the last few centuries, this is a virgin land in Nepal. And now tourists, both national and international, have shown great desire to visit the traditional villages of Manaslu. 

So what is the big deal about Manaslu Circuit Trek that even the most famous journeying course on the planet is being tested to it? We should study the Manaslu Circuit Journey in Nepal today.

Why is Manaslu Circuit Trek popular? 

  • Rich cultural exposure,
  • Beautiful homes
  • Stunning natural views 
  • Rich wildlife
  • A lot of beautiful monasteries. 

Along with the magical view of the landscape within the Manaslu conservation area and the beautiful Manaslu/ Ganesh Himal, there are other mountain peaks such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga, etc that play a great role in its Beaty. Each village of the Monastery here was about two centuries ago. Most of these people of Manalsu have traveled to Nepal as the refuse from Tibet and built their life in the highlands of Nepal. These Tibetan Buddhist villages remain untouched by the world and modernization; only enjoying their life in the villages. And these mountain people have so much knowledge to teach. Their ways of life and ideas have been loved by all tourists coming to Nepal. 

How much does Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost?

Manaslu Circuit Journey isn’t exceptionally distant from Kathmandu, all things being equal, it is a piece costly trip because of two elements. Firstly, you will need a restricted area which will alone cost around $100. 

Another big expense is for the guide. Since it is compulsory to hire a guide, while being in the restricted trekking zone of Nepal, you will need to pay around $25 per day for a guide and $18 per day for a porter. Transportation, in public buses, is as cheap as 10 dollars, but private transportation can cost up to $400. And for food/accommodation and other expenses throughout the trip, you will be spending around $30 per day. That being said it is quite affordable then Everest where the price of food and accommodation is unbelievably high and also since Everest needs a domestic flight from Kathmandu, it is a bit expensive. 

How long is the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is exactly 13 days of journey as per Himalayas, Manaslu Circuit Trek but depending on your physical strains, your time, and your route can take somewhere between 10 to 15 days. Some travelers preferred to spend a couple of days roaming around the mountain. The year is completely flexible. How hard is one as a tree Manas a tree just like a normal hike in the forest. The major difficulties are it being a long high and a large being quite you will nine days 6 to 7 hours each day and such amount of working needs good physical fitness and preparation on your side.



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