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Luis J Gutierrez talks about touring in SOCAL


Los Angeles, CA – JUNE 12, 2024 – Luis J Gutierrez is a LA based musician of the highest calibre.  Also known as Louis Slein, he shares his career in the Music and Film industry with us. Working as a session musician, composing and performer, his mastery in the guitar ranges from Pop, Rock to Fusion and Contemporary Jazz. 

The Artistic Journey of Louis Slein

From touring around the city of Lima Peru with Ankh and Levoga, to legendary venues in Los Angeles with bands such as URICK, Vagabond, Megan Beattie, and Noir, to name a few. Slein’s performances has encompassed many genres of music ranging from Power Ballads, Grunge, Metal-Core to Fusion Jazz. Louis Slein has made an impact as a powerhouse in the music industry.

Recently, La REPUBLICA highlighted Slein’s outstanding contributions in the music world, noting his unique ability to fuse traditional techniques of Peruvian Folk Music with modern themes and music genres. 

NOIR’S “Nutmeg” and “Nothing from Something”

Luis J Gutierrez and Noir’s music collaborations extend over many years, Luis mentioned to us. They were roommates back when they first started at the acclaimed Music School Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since then, they had been experimenting with different acoustic landscapes, and sound colour palettes. It all came to fruition years later in Noir’s single release “Nutmeg”, in which Luis acted as producer, additional composer and arranger. He recalls one night, Noir’s phone call in which he proposed a collaboration in his upcoming “Nothing from Something” EP. Elijah Haynes, aka Noir, mentioned how the composition’s thematic was odd but magical. A tune with a dreamy melody accompanied with fast changes of harmonies, which evokes and echoes John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, but with a modern fusion touch. At first, the tune was named Hiccup; however it would later change to Nutmeg, which coincidentally if ingested too much, it can cause Hiccups. Slein’s work included arranging, reharmonization and production; outstanding skills that made this tune one of its finest. Since its release, it has been met with wide acclaim within the space and has secured Noir’s position as a dynamic and creative force within the industry. In continuation of this successful collaboration, they will be releasing Noir’s upcoming EP “Nothing from Something” that include more musical adventures, set for a Spring 2025 release.


Louis Slein has a particular affinity towards Rock and Metal, genres who he truly resonates with. This is likely due to his early exposure to heavy music through videogames such as Starcraft and Half Life, or perhaps a reflection of his inner world that is synonym to power and fire like a phoenix. Slein is capable of composing and performing thunderous riffs; as well as delighting his audience with tender melodies, this is a testament to his versatility. Such outstanding abilities led him to tour and perform at famous venues, WHISKY A GO GO, an iconic LA venue which has seen performances by Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen, Led Zepellin, Metallica and The Doors; and to perform at the Johnny Depp’s Joint “The VIPER ROOM”. Louis Slein has toured in many other venues throughout LA with artists such as URICK, Noir, Vagabond, and Megan Beattie, to name a few around SOCAL. 


While in Peru, Louis Slein has being performing at different venues in Lima, the capital of Peru, and Cuzco, for about 7 years. As a solo artist and accompanying many other artists and bands like Levoga, Oz2. Ankh The Band was a project that was born in 2013, mirroring legendary progressive band, Dream Theater’s beginnings at Berklee College of Music. Ankh’s members include renowned Peruvian artists Gabriel Iwasaki, pianist and award-winning composer, Miguel Galdos, drummer currently working with Grammy winner Tonny Succar, Gabriel Leon, music graduate from PUCP and one of the best bass players in the local Peruvian scene, and Mark Ocasso, Ankh’s frontman and singer. Louis Slein’s duties as the lead guitarist for the band comprised of composing music, co-writing solos and guitar riffs. Alongside Ankh’s powerhouse of talent and national acclaim, they toured in many peruvian venues including Cocodrilo Verde, Sheriff Hard Rock, and the famous 2014 Edition of Feria Hogar, a leading Peruvian arts and music festival.


Louis has been performing around LA County with renowned guitar player and singer Trentyn Urick, whose vocals are powerful and reminiscent of those by Megadeth’s lead singer and founder, Dave Mustaine. The heavy work of URICK THE BAND has shacked stages across Whiskey A GO GO, THE VIPER ROOM, Tikki Bar and many others. Bringing Louis’s fast and heavy guitar solos along melodic leads. Currently, Louis Slein is a featured musician throughout THE MIND SHOW TOUR (2023-2025) in SOCAL along Trentyn Urick. He is also featured on their upcoming  single “The Mind Show” this Summer along a masterful music video. Catch URICK THE BAND once again at the WHISKEY A GO GO this next August 2024, dates will be announced soon. Follow Urick at @uricktheband on social media and spotify.


Grunge and Alt. Rock band Vagabond has been headlining on multiple LA venues, including The VIPER ROOM, The REDWOOD, KNUCKLEHEADS to mention a few, and opening for big artists like Tim Commerford (Rage Against The Machine), and country rock band AMERICAN MILE. Louis has been collaborating with Vagabond as a lead guitar player, writing powerful solos and killer guitar riffs that when added with fellow member, Garth Gunderson’s, vocals, Vagabond achieves that perfect balance of grunge, alternative and progressive rock. Vagabond is currently on tour and is producing and recording their 2nd single “I’m on Fire” and accompanying music video, with a release date set for Summer 2024. Stream their recent single “Strikes at Midnight” in all platforms, including Spotify and YouTube.


Louis Slein’s musical world is vast, with influences, as a guitar player, ranging from Jimmy Hendrix, John Frusciante to Allan Holdsworth and Mateus Asato. However, Louis is not only a skilled guitar player but a composer, orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist. Moreover, when it comes to composition and orchestration, his favourite composers to listen to are Maurice Ravel, Richard Strauss, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Tigran Hamasyan. His upcoming single “Dreaming Awake” is set to release Late Fall 2024. Glimpses Math Rock and Cinematic Production encompass Louis’s architectural design in Afro-Peruvian Jazz with Rock elements. For more, visit his YouTube channel and Spotify @louisslein where you can find a look at his multidimensional approaches to music.


Louis Slein also gave us the chance to witness his guitar set up. He owns multiple guitars, from Suhr, Fender to a unique guitar that link him to Eddie Van Halen, one of his guitar heroes, and Kramer Guitars, his signature VK Custom Prototype Kramer, from which only 3 exist in the world. Slein’s versatility requires quite a complicated setup; however, he prefers to use his Neural DSP setup for day to day gigs or rehearsals since it’s easier to transport, he commented. For the bigger shows, he goes all out bringing his Suhr SL68, Mesa Boogie JP2C+, and Bogner cabinet along a Fender Twin Deluxe for extraordinary cleans and guttural distorted riffs. Lastly, his pedalboard is an amalgamation of vintage and modern, using the popular Ibanez Tubescreamer along UFAX’s modern reverbs and modulators. 


Featured in one of the top Massive Media Outlets in Peru, LA REPUBLICA’s coverage of Slein’s esteemed career within the entertainment and music scene in LA has further cemented his status as a prominent figure in in Hollywood. He has built a reputation for his extraordinary ability to blend artistic expression with social commentary, creating pieces that are both impactful, sonically and thought-provoking.

Louis Slein’s feature film “Burnt Roux”, directed by Keisha Davis, was awarded a Special Jury Mention under the category Best Narrative at the Oscar-Qualifying New Orleans Film Festival 2023. His musical exploration as the sole composer, orchestrator and music producer for the film was a self-introspection journey that reflects on the struggles of minorities, both in the United States and in his native Peru. Director Keisha Davis’s film raises awareness about systemic racism in Southern America’s Louisiana, through the eyes of Amelia, the film’s protagonist who is getting ready to march into her first protest. Louis Slein’s creative process focused on the character’s feelings, reflecting Amelia’s thoughts and struggles throughout the score and accompanying music.  The instrument of choice for the score had to be subtle, emotional, strong, and eerie at points; the clear answer was strings with focus on the Cello. The film demanded such a specific sound, meaning that using too much percussion, or woodwinds could’ve changed the overall concept-mood of the film. Louis’s mature orchestral score found a perfect balance between emotion, horror and drama whilst keeping it grounded. Burnt Roux debuted at the New Orleans Film Festival to acclaim and ovation earning its place among the Southern Gothic Film Genre.

Louis Slein is also featured in the upcoming Colombian movie “Colibri”, directed by Francisco and David Salazar, in which he has amassed credits as the arranger and performer alongside the award-winning composer Andres Soto. He arranged the main song score “Colibri” using classical guitar. A beautiful and emotional melody with sparks of sorrowness and disappointment reflecting on the protagonist’s relationship and their ups and downs. He recalls the experience of working with Andres being one of great joy, noting that the choice of electric and classical guitar gave the film a unique touch. Louis’s guitar performance is featured in a key scene during the movie and audiences will undoubtedly be delighted with his incredible guitar skills. The movie is set to release in Fall 2024 with special screenings at The New York Long Island Film Festival (NYLIFF 2024) on July 10th; as well as the International Festival “Cine en las Montañas” 2024, which will be the official Worldwide premiere of the film.

In addition, Louis Slein has earned credits on the distinguished film “Zombie Town”, directed by Peter Lepeniotis, where he was part of the Music Department of Hollywood Composer and Emmy Nominee Ryan Shore. The film received wide acclaim for its outstanding sound and has been nominated under the categories: “Achievement in Music – Original Score, Achievement in Music – Original Song and Achievement in Make-Up” in the 2024 Edition of the Canadian Screen Awards. Other notably works of Louis’ include his collaboration as a music editor and part of the score preparation team for “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo” and Emmy nominee TV show “Go! Go! Cory Carson” and videogames “The Double”, “Wobble Warriors”, and “District N” to name a few.

Through his music, Slein aims to provoke discussion and inspire change, challenging viewers to see their surroundings through a different lens.

 A Look Into Slein’s Future

As Louis Slein continues to navigate his esteemed career, he remains focused on his mission to use art as a catalyst for change. He is currently preparing for an international tour in 2025, which will take his musical works to South America, debuting his EP “Short Tales About A Fantasy. World”. The project combines Louis’s roots in Afro-Peruvian Festejo with Jazz fusion and progressive elements from contemporary Rock-Metal, with slight touch of cinematic music production.

This tour aims to not only showcase his music but also to initiate global conversations and raise awareness about hot topics that he is deeply passionate about, such as social injustice, the rise of AI, and space exploration.

Slein is also working on a new project, “Voces, Ecos, y Gritos” which will feature collaborations with artists from diverse backgrounds in Peru. This project seeks to amplify marginalized voices and bring their stories to the forefront through a blend of visual art, storytelling, and multimedia installations with interactive music, utilizing of AI and VR technology.  


Louis Slein’s contribution to the music world is a testament to his extraordinary talent, determination, and vision. His works has captivated audiences and critics, whilst his involvement in community initiatives underscores his commitment to making a positive impact. Despite the challenges of the industry, Slein remains a beacon of creativity and resilience.

In his own words:

“Painting Worlds… One Note at A Time…”

For more information about Louis Slein and his upcoming projects, please visit his official website or follow him on social media.


Name: Louis_MorningStar_Slein
Phone: 424-280-6022

Instagram: @louisslein
Website:  Luis J Gutierrez

 About Louis Slein:**
Louis Slein is a contemporary musician based in Los Angeles, known for his thought-provoking works that explore urban life, identity, existentialism and social issues. With presentations across major cities and features in international publications, Slein has established himself as a significant voice in the modern art and musical landscape. 

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