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Laser Hair Removal Aftercare for Best Results


Spending half your budget on Laser Hair Removal and getting zero results can be a nightmare. Don’t worry; it is not the fault of laser treatment but can be yours, so all you need is to know what and how to do before and after the treatment. People are conscious of beauty but don’t know how to get long-lasting results. Therefore, we are here with the best tips to care for your skin before and after laser hair removal. 

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a professional and sensitive process performed by dermatologists. It mainly involves permanently reducing hair growth, and the procedure is undergone in 6 to 12 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. In this case, a laser device casts light beams to target the follicles and disrupt their hair growth. 

The cutting-edge laser technology also makes it possible to target the hair and the dark skin tone. Laser hair removal is a famous treatment, but it can be discursive if you don’t pay attention to the aftercare of treatment. The aftercare is the only way to lessen the risk of damage. 

Experts always suggest choosing a hygienic environment to get the best laser hair removal services, and here, Laser Hair Removal Vaughan takes our attention to Vaughan, where you can get the best hair removal treatments in a standardized and safe way. 

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Do’s

Cool Compresses 

Take a piece of cloth and a bowl of ice water. Dip the cloth in the water and squeeze it a little bit. Apply the rag to the area where you have done the laser hair removal treatment. This way, you can extract all the pains, reddishness, swelling, and other issues. Another option is to wrap a piece of ice in a towel or cotton rag and rub it on the body 4-5 minutes for several times a day.

Anti-Pain Creams 

You must consult with a physician if you feel great discomfort after the laser hair removal treatment. Of course, the physician will recommend a steroid or anti-allergic cream to release the swelling and pain. 

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

Direct exposure to the sun can damage your skin because your skin becomes sensitive after the treatment. For this reason, you must be careful about sun exposure when you go outside. Thus, it is always recommended to avoid the sun one month before and after the treatment. Later, you can use sunscreen to protect your skin against sun rays. 

Use Lukewarm Water 

Whether summer or winter, you must shower with lukewarm water. You can also use cool water but not hot because the high-temperature water can burn your skin, and you can face irritating blisters that take time to cure. Ensure you wash the face and other body parts with lukewarm water within 48 hours after laser hair removal. 

Four Weeks Gap Until Next Hair Removal Session 

Don’t get body hair removal treatment without any gaps. You must have the 4-6 weeks gap until you go for the next session. Otherwise, you will not get the satisfactory results.

Hydrate the Skin 

You may experience dry patches on your skin after the laser hair treatment because of skin dehydration. For this reason, you need to moisturize your skin using moisturizers. Don’t choose products that contain retinol because they affect the skin badly after the hair removal treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Don’ts 

Don’t Use Perfumes 

Don’t spray perfume on your body after some weeks of laser hair treatment because it can irritate the skin. 

Don’t Use Deodorants 

All you know about the deodorant, which is the underarm product. If you have removed underarm hairs using the laser, you must avoid the usage of deodorant because it can damage your skin after getting the laser hair removal session. 

Avoid Body Scrubbing 

The laser beams target the follicles and burn the internal hairs. So, it is always efficient to avoid body scrubbing. Body scrubbers have granules that can irritate your skin and leave blisters. 

Refrain From Using Tanning Lotion 

Tanning lotions contain chemicals that can cause rashes on your skin after the laser treatment. Therefore, you must avoid them for some days after the treatment. 

Avoid Makeup Products 

If your face is also the area where you have had the laser hair removal treatment, don’t wear makeup for the next 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. During this time, the pores remain open and absorb the chemicals. 

Final Verdict 

Laser hair removal is an efficient way to get rid of unwanted body hair. As laser technology is growing, people are trusting more in hair removal using laser-based devices. A common mistake can affect people’s trust. Therefore, you need to ensure the best results after following the optimal aftercare tips mentioned above.


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