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Klifex: Revolutionizing Car Repair with Exclusive Kits


In the complicated world of vehicle maintenance, every car owner is looking for reliable solutions that save both time and money. Be it regular fixes or more complex repairs, the importance of quality parts made to the specific model is invaluable.

It is here that Klifex comes in with atypical repair kits that are intended to keep the vehicle’s functionality smooth, but with considerable financial savings. Get more information about Klifex best-sellers and benefits of using repair kits in your car.

Top Purchases on Klifex

  1. Audi A8 MMI Screen Lift Fix Kit

With the integrated repair kit for this MMI screen opening mechanism in Audi A8 models, you have an all-in-one, comprehensive solution for functionality and convenience in use.

  1. Vacuum Radiator Actuator for VAG 1.6TDI and.

This kit serves to provide a solution to problems related to the vacuum radiator actuator in VAG 1.6TDI and 2.0TDI engines, thus ensuring that the EGR system works at maximum performance and efficiency.

  1. Vacuum Radiator Actuator for VAG 1.2

In particular, the repair kit focuses on the VAG 1.2TDI engine and smoothes its operation while increasing the life span by resolving problems created by the vacuum radiator actuator.

  1. BMW E70, E71 Charge Air Duct (137175837

Restore the integrity of your BMW E70 or E71 with this charge air duct repair kit designed to fix the common problems and maximize performance of your vehicle’s air intake system.

  1. BMW B48 Aluminium Oil Filter Cover

Make your BMW B48 engine even more reliable and durable by upgrading your plastic oil filter cover to an aluminum one.

  1. Repair Kits and Replacement Parts for Air Suspension

Klifex presents a full set of spare parts for the pneumatic suspension: from air springs to compressor repair kits, in order to guarantee the very best and smooth performance of the suspension system of your vehicle.

  1. Heater Valve Repair Kit

This complete kit is for restoring and best-performance heating purposes of a vehicle’s heater valve.

  1. Vortex Damper Plugs and EGR Delete Kits

Experience optimized engine performance and efficiency using Klifex’s vortex damper plugs and EGR removal kits for easy, headache-free installations and operation since each one is made to fit your specific vehicle model.

  1. Vacuum Pumps Repair Kits

Solve vacuum pump problems in one go using Klifex vacuum pump repair kits, using top-class components to ensure high performance and long life.

Your Benefits for the Purchase of Klifex Repair Kits

  1. Professional Advice and Assistance

Seek professional assistance from automotive experts who will guide you in selecting the right parts and advise on how to install them in order to get your repair free from trouble.

  1. Saving on Cost

Make huge savings with Klifex repair kits, containing the same elements as the original, but at a fraction of the price with no quality or performance reduction.

  1. Expedited Shipping

Prevent any extended downtime with Klifex expedited shipping services, and be sure your order is processed and shipped without delay.

  1. Flexible Payment and Delivery Options

Choose from an array of delivery and payment methods as per your convenience, thus making it easy and free from any kind of hassle to avail Klifex repair kits


Klifex is an island of innovation and a lighthouse of reliability in a sea of car repair kits. We help drivers become confident in taking control of maintenance and repairs to save a fortune. What you experienced today is the Klifex difference—that thousands of drivers trust us to help keep their wheels on the road.



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