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Installing a Mezzanine Floor with a DIY mezzanine floor kit – Is it Worth it?

Mezzanine Floor

Adding a mezzanine floor to a warehouse, shop, or other commercial space can be an effective way to increase usable square footage without the high costs of new construction or an addition. As per experts at AW Structures, mezzanine kits that can be assembled as a DIY project provide an affordable option for small business owners looking to expand their space. But how well do these DIY mezzanine floor kit actually work? Are they sturdy enough for commercial use and worth the investment?

Structural Integrity

When considering a DIY mezzanine kit, the first concern is often structural integrity. Most quality kits are designed to handle heavy floor loads, up to 500 lbs per square foot. The essential framework pieces are pre-fabricated from heavy-duty steel, requiring only basic assembly. Structural calculations and drawings are included for any necessary permitting. For the average small warehouse or retail space, a DIY structural kit can provide the strength needed to safely support shelving, inventory, equipment, and even foot traffic. Proper assembly is of course vital, but the manufactured components reduce the risk of mistakes.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation is another major perk of DIY mezzanine kits. No welding or heavy equipment is required, just basic tools and hardware. Most kits can be assembled in a matter of days with two or three people. Detailed instructions with diagrams walk you through each step, making the process straightforward even for those with limited construction experience. And with a modular kit, there is tremendous flexibility in sizing and layout to fit the exact space. Customization can also be achieved by adding walls, railings, gates, and even stairs or ladders wherever needed. 

Cost Savings

Using a DIY kit significantly reduces upfront costs compared to hiring contractors to custom build a mezzanine. Prices vary based on size and weight capacity, but a basic kit for a 500 square foot mezzanine may run between $7,000 to $15,000. Additional expenses will include the floor decking, optional stairs, permits, and labor if hiring installation help. Even with these extras, a DIY kit total cost can be 50% less than a custom build. And the investment is likely to pay off quickly when that extra space starts generating revenue.


The finished product may not have the slick “showroom” look of a custom mezzanine, but the functionality is equally sound. With good quality Floor decking like plywood or steel plating, the mezzanine floor will feel just as sturdy underfoot as the ground level floor. The underside framework remains visible, which some owners actually prefer for an industrial aesthetic. Any need for a polished appearance can be achieved through wall panels or other finishes.

Things to Consider

One potential downside to DIY kits is that they provide only the structural framework, not the flooring or accessories. The kit focuses on the hardest part, while leaving the rest up to the owner’s time and budget. This allows customization, but also requires extra effort and costs. Stair systems, floor decking, safety railings, lifts, and lighting all have to be sourced and installed separately. Some DIY skills, tools, and hired labor may be needed, reducing the full cost savings of a kit.

Conclusion of Mezzanine Floor

For the smаll wаrehouse or shoр owner on а tight timeline аnԁ buԁget, the simрler the better. In this саse, а bаsiс DIY mezzаnine kit ԁelivers on fаst, аfforԁаble аԁԁeԁ sрасe. Owners with аmрle renovаtion time аnԁ buԁget mаy рrefer а fully сustom mezzаnine. Overаll, DIY struсturаl kits аre а viаble oрtion for mаximizing squаre footаge аt reаsonаble сost. With саreful рlаnning аnԁ exeсution, they саn be аn effeсtive solution to exраnԁ сommerсiаl sрасe. The finisheԁ mezzаnine will рroviԁe usаble footаge аnԁ return on investment for yeаrs to сome.


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