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Innocent Riders: Uncovering the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Innocent Riders: Uncovering the Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are always under the radar of the threat when they hit the road either for their daily commute or any other occasional purpose. Bicycle accidents make up a huge proportion of road accidents involving various factors like the negligence of the motor driver or the cyclist himself/herself.  In most cases, the cyclist is the victim but you need to consult the bicycle accident lawyers in Brampton to claim your insurance or the financial compensation. 

However, to file the cases against your claim, you must know about the possible causes of the bicycle accidents that caused that tragic incident. In this article, we have included the common causes of bicycle accidents that you must know before hitting the road.

Leading Causes of the Bicycle Accidents

Since you were hit while riding your bicycle does not ultimately mean that the motor driver is to be held accountable. Here are the reasons that lead to bicycle accidents, so let’s learn about them and figure out what was the reason in your case if you were right at your spot.

  • Distracted Driving

The most irresponsible behavior that someone can show on the road is distracted driving. Whether they are busy on their phones answering their phone calls, text messages, or browsing the internet, they are risking themselves and the others on the road. Commonly, it happens and results in serious collisions, mostly bicycle accidents.

  • Failing to Leave an Adequate Buffer

Not just in the case of a bicycle, if any driver is chasing another vehicle within a 3-foot radius, he/she is creating a dangerous situation on the road where any sudden brake or takeover can cause a tragic road accident. If someone is following you or passing too closely, a bicycle accident is likely to happen and you can claim it on the motor driver.

  • Speeding

When someone is speeding on the road, the time to stop the vehicle increases proportionally. In a scenario, where you have to make a sudden decision on the road, things would have gotten out of the hands of a speeding driver. Speeding is the cause of many horrible and deadly road accidents. Moreover, if you are driving in a residential neighborhood, you have to drive at a relatively low speed as a minor speed increase above the limit can lead to accidents.

  • Traffic Weaving

Traffic weaving involves the situation where the driver continuously moves back and forth in the lanes, trying to pass the slow riders and getting to the spaces where their vehicles are unlikely to squeeze in. Weaving or unsafe lane changes usually overlook the bicycle rider leading to an extremely dangerous situation resulting in bicycle accidents. If any driver is trying to merge into the bicycle lane, make sure that it is clear so you don’t end up hitting someone.

  • Breaking the Traffic Rules

Many people try to overlook the traffic rules like running a red light or a stop signal and end up running into cyclists or pedestrians mostly. Similarly, when the light turns green, people turn their vehicles without looking behind causing a collision with the bicycle rider. So, when you are on the road, look around before making any move, so everyone on the road can be safe.

  • Impaired Driving

Impaired driving, especially one after getting drunk, is a well-known cause of road accidents. People get on the road after getting high without getting to know about the potential risks that can arise with this irresponsible behavior. In such a situation, they lose the ability to focus or make decisions causing road accidents. 

Final Words

No matter what the situation is, every road accident points to one situation which is the negligence of the driver in various forms like being busy on the phone, traffic weaving, breaking the traffic rules, impaired driving, etc. If you face such a situation in Brampton bicycle accident lawyers can help you to get your compensation.



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