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How To Determine the Right Wick Size for Your Wholesale Candles


The wick you use for your wholesale candles impacts the kind of wax drawn and flame strength. When you use a wick that is too small, it will struggle to draw sufficient liquid wax, which may lead to a weak flame. Choosing the proper wick for your wholesale candle supplies gives you a steady flame due to optimal burning. The following factors can help you determine the right size for your candles:

Measure the Candle Diameter

If you are working with smaller containers, like votive cups, choose a thinner wick size due to the limited surface area of the wax pool. Wicks with thicker mediums are applicable for proper burning in a medium-sized container of about 3 inches, like a jar candle. People working with pillars of 3 inches or more require larger wicks with distributed heat to draw the liquid wax.

Measure the candle diameter using a ruler to determine the correct wick size. This will enable you to consume your wax completely. Label all your wicks as either small, standard, or large for easy identification. The right wick size also influences the flames’ stability and prevents overburning.

Understand the Type of Wax

Interact with various wax types, including natural wax like beeswax and synthetic wax like paraffin. Every wax has a unique melting point that requires a specific heat level to generate a stable burn. The density of these waxes is also distinctive, contributing to their different burning rates.

If you want a clean burn with minimal carbon buildup for sticky waxes like beeswax candles, go for cotton braid wicks. Cotton wicks have a feature of curling once they start to lit, helping to keep a steady flame. You may also use flat braided or zinc wicks for larger flames that require more oxygen.

Conduct a Burn Test

Conducting a burn test helps you to observe the flame stability and the quality of the burn. Perform burn tests with different wick sizes to observe the burning characteristics of your wholesale candles. The test lets you settle on the correct wick size that provides a consistent burn. Conduct a burn test for every new candle batch to check uniformity in performance.

Environmental factors such as heat or outsourcing your wholesale candle supplies can have a direct impact on your candle performance. Start by sampling at least four candles using the same fragrance and vessel to test the wax consumption. The test is a combination of sections that helps to confirm the smell and wick selection based on the practical results.

Determine the Fragrance Oil

If you’re incorporating fragrance oils into your candles, understand their impact on wick performance. When aiming to produce strong fragrances, you might require a slightly larger wick for a proper fragrance throw. Use a fragrance oil sparingly to add scent to your candles and infuse them with your products for better performance.

Some fragrance oils may contain additives, depending on the manufacturer, reducing their evaporation rate. Other components, such as stabilizers, can influence burn characteristics, altering burn rates. Adjusting wick size helps you experience a clean burn and use dye-based scents to maintain capillary action.

Benefits of Getting Wholesale Candle Supplies from a Trusted Dealer

Sourcing your wholesale candle supplies from a credible dealer gives you access to quality products. Trusted dealers use high-grade materials that comply with industry standards, improving your safety as a candle maker. Other benefits include:

Wide Selection

Established wholesale candle sellers offer a diverse selection of materials you need for your business. Besides getting candles in different colors, you may also access soaps and wicks in one shop. This gives you the convenience of making a single order for all your wholesale candle supplies of the same quality.

Reliable Supply Chain

When you are in the candle making business, you need to have a reliable source of your materials. A reputable dealer maintains a supply chain where you can consistently get your supplies without delay. Working with a reliable dealer helps manage your customers’ expectations by enabling them to meet their demands promptly.

Partner with a Trusted Wholesale Candles Supplier

If you are looking for the first and most effective way to boost your candle making business, partner with the right supplier. Trusted dealers may offer expert guidance that can help you improve the quality of your products and retain your customers. Buy wholesale candle supplies today to continue meeting your customer’s expectations.


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