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How Much Do Realtors Make Per Sale in New York


Understanding Realtor Earnings in New York

Real estate is a lucrative industry that attracts individuals looking for a rewarding career path. Among the many questions aspiring real estate agents have, one of the most common is, “How much do realtors make per sale in New York?” The answer to this question varies depending on various factors, including the location, market conditions, agent experience, and commission structure.

Factors Influencing Realtor Earnings


In New York, real estate prices and market dynamics can vary significantly from one neighborhood to another. Agents operating in high-demand areas like Manhattan may command higher commissions compared to those working in less affluent neighborhoods.

Market Conditions

The state of the real estate market also plays a crucial role in determining realtor earnings. During periods of high demand and low inventory, realtors may negotiate higher commissions due to increased competition among buyers.

Agent Experience

Experienced real estate agents often have a higher earning potential than their novice counterparts. Seasoned agents have built a robust network of clients and referrals over time, allowing them to close more deals and command higher commissions.

Commission Structure

Realtor earnings are primarily derived from commissions earned on property sales. In New York, the standard commission rate is typically around 5-6% of the property’s sale price, which is split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent.

Average Realtor Earnings in New York

While there is no fixed salary for real estate agents in New York, industry data provides insight into average earnings based on commission rates and property values. On average, a realtor in New York can expect to earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on their level of experience and the volume of transactions they handle.

High-Earning Potential

Despite the variability in realtor earnings, many agents in New York enjoy a high-earning potential thanks to the state’s robust real estate market and affluent clientele. Top-performing agents can earn six-figure incomes or more annually by closing multiple high-value deals.

Additional Income Streams

In addition to commissions from property sales, real estate agents may also generate income from other sources, such as rental transactions, property management services, and referral fees. Diversifying income streams can further enhance a realtor’s earning potential in New York.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent with No Experience in New York

How to Become a real estate agent with no experience in New York can be an exciting and rewarding career path, even for individuals with no prior experience in the industry. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Research State Requirements

Before diving into the world of real estate, take the time to research and understand the licensing requirements set forth by the New York Department of State. These requirements typically include completing a pre-licensing course, passing a state exam, and obtaining sponsorship from a licensed real estate broker.

Enroll in a Pre-Licensing Course

To qualify for a real estate license in New York, you must complete a state-approved pre-licensing course. These courses cover essential topics such as real estate law, ethics, contracts, and finance, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the licensing exam.

Pass the Licensing Exam

Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing course, you’ll need to pass the New York real estate licensing exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering various aspects of real estate law, practices, and regulations. Preparation is key, so be sure to study diligently before attempting the exam.

Find a Sponsoring Broker

To activate your real estate license in New York, you’ll need to affiliate yourself with a licensed real estate broker who will sponsor your application. Research different brokerages in your area and choose one that aligns with your career goals and values.

Join a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Joining a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is essential for accessing comprehensive property listings and market data. As a newly licensed real estate agent, subscribing to an MLS will provide you with the tools and resources needed to assist your clients effectively and grow your business.

Build Your Network and Market Yourself

Networking is crucial in the real estate industry, especially for agents with no prior experience. Attend industry events, join professional associations, and leverage social media platforms to connect with potential clients and industry professionals. Additionally, invest in marketing efforts to establish your brand and attract new business.

Never Stop Learning

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to stay informed and up-to-date on market trends, regulations, and best practices. Take advantage of continuing education opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills throughout your career.


Becoming a successful real estate agent in New York is achievable with dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn. While realtor earnings can vary based on numerous factors, the potential for success in the state’s vibrant real estate market is substantial. By following the steps outlined above and remaining committed to your professional development, you can embark on a rewarding career in real estate with confidence.


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