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How Can I Gain Weight In A Healthy Way?

Gain Weight

It may seem strange that someone wonders how to gain weight, because it is normal for people to look for solutions for the opposite problem. However, failing to gain weight can be just as frustrating as having difficulty losing pounds. Additionally, having a low body weight can lead to several health problems. So, what can be done to overcome this difficulty and achieve adequate and healthy weight gain?

Why Am I Not Gaining Weight?

There may be several reasons behind your difficulty losing weight and a consultation with your health provider is key to helping you detect the cause or causes. Below we indicate some of the possible reasons that could be associated with this problem. Genetic factors: Body weight and the ease of gaining or losing weight, like eye color and other physical traits, are strongly influenced by genes. Simply put, we are all conditioned to have a certain body weight and, although this does not prevent us from increasing or decreasing it, genetics can make it more complicated.

  • Inadequate caloric balance: if we expend more calories than we ingest we tend to lose weight. In this case, calculating the calories of food and an adequate intake for our needs can help us better control our weight.
  • Skipping meals: Eating less than 5 meals a day and skipping the main ones contributes to altering our metabolism and can both contribute to weight gain and become an obstacle to gaining kilos.
  • Diseases: pathologies such as thyroiditis or metabolic disorders can present symptoms such as sudden weight gain or loss and also make our plans to gain or lose weight difficult.
  • In any case, to detect why you are not able to gain weight, the ideal is to go to a health professional. Especially if the weight loss is sudden. Once any health problems have been ruled out, you can opt for a consultation with a nutritionist who will study a personalized plan to help you healthily gain weight.

Tips To Gain Weight Naturally

Recommendations to facilitate weight gain should be personalized to be most effective. Some of the actions that can help you gain weight include:  Eat several meals a day, 5 to 6, to avoid being hungry throughout the day. Choose foods carefully and opt for those that provide you with quality nutrients and enough calories to satisfy your needs. Use olive oil and nut butter as a dressing for dishes and salads. This simple gesture will help you increase the calories in your meals and provide you with quality nutrients. Practice exercise to strengthen muscles and stimulate the growth of muscle mass. In this way, weight gain will be more effective and healthy. In addition, playing sports also increases appetite. Avoid the consumption of junk food, which not only increases the risk of suffering from diseases but also promotes an increase in body fat.

How To Regain Weight Healthily And Gain Muscle Mass

When the goal is to gain weight, one of the strategies to achieve the goal is to eat more calories than you expend. However, it is not just about introducing caloric foods into the diet. It is also important that what you eat is of quality to promote adequate and lasting weight gain. Some foods, as we have explained in this article, are ideal for achieving this, others should be avoided. In general, the ideal is to opt for healthy, nutrient-rich foods and avoid processed foods that, despite containing many calories, only provide fats, sugars, and other substances that are harmful to health. Following a healthy and balanced diet and practicing regular exercise can be the answer to your question of how to gain weight or regain lost kilos after an illness or a period of strong physical or mental stress. These actions also contribute to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight because they promote an increase in muscle mass, but not body fat. In short, if you have difficulty gaining weight and want to know how to gain weight effectively, the ideal is that you first identify the causes of your problem.  With the help of a doctor at One Wellness, you can establish the guidelines and foods that will help you achieve a healthier weight.


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