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Getting A New Gas Hot Water System? Choose Your Gas Hot Water System Installer Carefully

Gas Hot Water System

Deciding to upgrade to a gas hot water system can be a big investment for a home. While the switch from electric to gas often saves money in the long run, you need the right gas hot water system installer like Same Day Hot Water Service to ensure safety, efficiency, and years of reliable performance. Rushing to choose the cheapest or most convenient installer can end up costing you more down the road if the job isn’t done right.

When selecting a gas hot water system installer, it pays to do some due diligence first rather than going with the first company you find. There are key precautions you should take to avoid regrets after the installation is complete.

Verify Proper Licensing and Certifications

The first step is verifying licensing, insurance, and proper certifications for working with gas appliances. Every gas fitter must have a valid gas technician license for your state. They should carry full liability insurance and workers compensation coverage as well.

Ask to see current copies of the company’s license and insurance certificates. This protects you in case of any accidents or damage.

Reputable companies will also have certain certifications for specific skills like gas piping design, safety procedures, and particular brands or models. Don’t hesitate to ask about additional certifications and training technicians have completed. This helps identify the most qualified teams.

Check Reviews and References

Online reviews can provide insights into customers’ experiences with installers. Look for companies with consistently positive feedback over years in business, not just a handful of reviews. The best firms will have dozens of 5-star ratings across multiple sites.

Speaking to past customers also offers valuable perspectives. Ask potential installers for referrals you can contact yourself rather than testimonials just posted on their website. People are often more candid sharing their experience directly.

Look for Experience with Your Setup

Not all gas hot water system installers have worked extensively with every brand, model, and configuration. Choose a company with expertise specific to your home’s needs. Ask:

  • How many installations of your specified system have they completed?
  • Are they factory certified by the manufacturer?
  • Do they have training on your exact appliance?
  • Have they done installations for homes similar to yours?

You want a team accustomed to handling your particular setup from start to finish for optimal efficiency and performance.

Evaluate Equipment Options Thoroughly

Reputable installers won’t push you into choosing from only a few systems. They’ll explore your priorities, such as efficiency, tank versus tankless, budget, warranties, and size. Then they’ll present you with options that best fit your needs along with pros and cons of each.

Take time to research equipment yourself as well so you can make the most informed choice. Get a detailed breakdown of costs, features, energy ratings, and expected savings. Don’t feel pressured into picking the first system quoted.

Confirm Follow-Up Service Capabilities

It’s also wise to ask what follow-up service and maintenance the company provides after installation. Quality installers will offer continued support rather than just leaving you on your own. Can they provide:

  • System tune-ups and inspections?
  • Warranty repairs or troubleshooting?
  • Emergency service 24/7 if needed?
  • Customer support hotline?
  • Service plan options?

Choose an installer that can support your system long-term, not just do the initial setup. This ensures optimal performance and lifespan.

Get a Detailed Written Estimate

Never hire a gas appliance installer without a complete written estimate first. Be wary of any company that just gives you a verbal quote or seems rushed.

A detailed estimate should outline:

  • Itemized breakdown of all costs
  • Labor fees per hour
  • Parts, equipment, and rental fees
  • Permit fees
  • Tax
  • Total due at completion

Take time to review the estimate thoroughly and clarify any questions. Confirm timeline expectations as well. Reputable companies understand you want to make an informed decision.

Follow Building Codes and Permit Requirements

Another key precaution is verifying the installer will adhere to all building codes and acquire required permits. Gas work often requires permits from local municipalities to meet safety regulations.

An installer that doesn’t pull proper permits or skips inspections raises red flags. These steps protect you in case of problems down the road. Make sure your installer handles everything legally.

Trust Your Instincts

Lastly, don’t ignore any bad gut feelings about an installer, even if they look good on paper. If a company seems rushed, disorganized, or makes you uneasy, keep looking for one you can develop a good rapport with.

You want an installer that instills confidence through great communication, patience with questions, and transparency about process, pricing, and expectations. This establishes trust critical for such an important home upgrade project.

Conclusion of Gas Hot Water System

Upgrading to a new gas hot water system offers wonderful benefits when done right. Taking these precautions when choosing your installation company helps ensure a smooth process and reliable system performance over time. Do research to make an informed decision you feel fully confident about.


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