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Get Moving! A-Thon Fundraising Ideas for All Ages and Abilities


A-thons are a fantastic way to raise money for a cause you care about, all while promoting health, community, and a little friendly competition.  Whether you’re a school, non-profit, or simply a group of passionate individuals, an a-thon can be a fun and engaging way to reach your fundraising goals.

The beauty of a-thons lies in their adaptability. There’s an a-thon out there for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. This blog post will explore a variety of a-thon ideas, from the classic walk-a-thon to the more creative options,  to help you find the perfect fit for your next fundraising event.

Classic A-Thon Ideas For Your Next Fundraising Event:

  • Walk-A-Thon: This tried-and-true fundraiser is perfect for all ages and abilities. Participants secure pledges based on the distance they walk, and all fitness levels can be accommodated by offering shorter or longer routes. Decorate your course, set up cheering stations, and make it a fun-filled day for the whole family!
  • Run-A-Thon: For a more challenging event, consider a run-a-thon. This can attract avid runners and walkers alike, with pledges based on distance or completion time.
  • Bike-A-Thon: A bike-a-thon is a great way to promote cycling while raising funds. Choose a scenic route, or even hold the event indoors on stationary bikes!
  • Dance-A-Thon: Get your groove on with a dance-a-thon! This high-energy event is perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Hire a DJ, set up a dance floor, and let loose for a good cause.
  • Read-A-Thon: Encourage literacy and raise money with a read-a-thon! Perfect for schools and libraries, participants can seek pledges based on the number of books they read or the total number of pages. This is a great way to promote a love of reading while raising funds.

A-Thons with a Twist With Some More Creative A-Thon Ideas

Looking for something a little more unique? Here are some creative a-thon ideas:

  • Yoga-A-Thon: Promote mindfulness and well-being with a yoga-a-thon. This event can attract experienced yogis and beginners alike, with different classes catering to various skill levels.
  • Sing-A-Thon: Unleash your inner rockstar with a sing-a-thon! Partner with a local karaoke bar or rent a karaoke machine. Participants can pledge based on the number of songs they sing or donations can be collected per song.
  • Game-A-Thon: Board games, video games, card games – a game-a-thon has something for everyone! Participants can pledge based on the number of hours they play or hold tournaments with entry fees.
  • Clean-A-Thon: Give back to your community and raise funds with a clean-a-thon. Participants can collect pledges based on the amount of trash they collect or the number of areas cleaned.
  • Dance-Off: Channel your inner dance crew with a dance-off competition. Charge an entry fee for participants and spectators can donate to vote for their favorite team.

Tips for a Successful A-Thon Fundraiser Planning:

Planning a successful a-thon fundraiser involves several key steps to ensure engagement and support. Begin by selecting a cause that resonates with your community, allowing you to tailor the event to attract interested participants. 

Once your cause is chosen, set a date that works well for your target audience and secure a suitable location for your in-person event, prioritizing safety and accessibility. Next, meticulously plan the activities for your a-thon, including refreshments, entertainment, and prizes, and create a schedule to keep participants engaged throughout the event. 

To maximize attendance, utilize various promotional channels such as social media, local media outlets, flyers, and posters. Also, consider leveraging online fundraising platforms like RallyUp ( to streamline registration, donation collection, and communication with participants. Finally, after the event, express gratitude to participants, sponsors, and volunteers, and celebrate the achievements and success of your fundraising efforts.

What Does It Mean by A-Thons forparticipants All:

A-thons are inclusive events designed to engage participants of all abilities and ages. To ensure that everyone can participate fully, consider implementing the following strategies. Firstly, create a team option to encourage group participation, fostering friendly competition and camaraderie among participants. 

Also, offer stationary alternatives like chair yoga for a yoga-a-thon or stationary cycles for a bike-a-thon to accommodate anyone with physical disabilities. It’s essential to have activities for all age groups, especially at family-friendly gatherings where smaller attendees might be occupied with crafts, balloon animals, or face painting. In order to include individuals who live far away or are unable to participate in person, the a-thon should also provide virtual involvement. Everyone can support the cause regardless of location or circumstances by using fitness trackers or apps to track their activity and online pledge collection.

Making Your A-Thon a Memorable Experience:

  • Theme It Up!: Choose a fun theme for your a-thon to add excitement. For a dance-a-thon, consider a decade theme like the 80s or 90s. For a read-a-thon, choose a genre or author to build around.
  • Prizes and Incentives: Motivate participants with prizes! Award prizes for top fundraisers, most creative costumes (if themed), or those who go the extra mile (literally for walk-a-thons!).
  • Entertainment: Live music, DJs, or even guest speakers can add to the atmosphere and keep participants engaged throughout the event.
  • Food and Drinks: Offer refreshments and snacks to keep your participants fueled. Consider partnering with local food trucks or restaurants for added convenience.
  • Photo Booth: Set up a fun photo booth with props for participants to capture memories of the event. Share photos on social media to generate buzz and encourage future participation.


A-thons offer a unique opportunity to combine fundraising with community building and physical activity. By following these tips and choosing the right format for your audience, you can create a successful and memorable a-thon event.  So get moving, get creative, and raise money for a cause you care about!


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