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Five Freelance Writing Tips to Help You Explore Your Full Potential


Whether you have just started your freelance writing journey or have been in this competitive field for some time, you can agree that this career path is filled with several challenges. These setbacks may make you feel that all hope is lost, but the truth is beyond that.

If you put the right amount of effort in the right direction, you can enjoy the flexibility and authority of this career path. This endeavour is worth your time and energy because once you build a reliable reputation as a freelancer, there is no going back.

Here are some of the best writing tips every freelancer writer needs.


  1. Identify Your Niche

Beginner freelance writers struggle the most when it comes to starting their freelancing journey. They do not know which direction to head in or how to make themselves more discoverable among the right clients.

In order to meet the right audience, you must identify your niche. Your clients understand that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Instead of working with someone who takes up any writing, clients are likely to look for someone who specialises in a certain area. Even the most successful freelance writers specialise in a type of writing. 

If you are struggling with defining your niche, it is always a good idea to start in a field that you have formally pursued. For example, if you have a degree in journalism, you can offer your services in news writing for media outlets and other clients seeking similar services.

Most importantly, while defining your area, consider your passion and personal interests. You can only offer your best services if you feel passionate about the genre and the projects related to it. You can also start a blog in your preferred niche to stay updated and establish authority.


  1. Excel at Time Management

Freelance writers often have to work with tight deadlines. This means that time management and organisation are some of the top skills you need to succeed as a freelance writer. Excelling at this skill can truly be a challenge for freelancers, as they often manage multiple projects at a time.

While time management can seem impossible to excel in, this key to meeting deadlines cannot be overlooked. Several best writing apps are focused on helping freelance writers make the best of their time and efforts.

To begin with, make sure that you take your time to consider the deadline shared by every potential client. Just because they are in a rush does not mean that you also have to rush. Take your time to make up your mind because it is better to miss a client’s offer than to have their negative reviews become a highlight of your profile.

You must create a schedule that works best for you and ensure that you can accommodate your client’s deadlines. This schedule must include room for editing and revisions so that you can provide them with the best quality without risking violating the deadline you agreed upon.


  1. Hone Your Negotiation Skills

Setting your freelance writing rate can be a huge challenge, especially if you are switching from a full-time job. In the effort to not under or over sell your services, it is fair for writers to feel overwhelmed by making this decision.

You should determine a price range that is fair to both you and your clients for your services. This range can vary from client to client based on factors such as the size, complexity, and time needed to complete the project.

Negotiating the right price for your project can feel like a challenge in the beginning, but it is a skill that you must hone over time. Good negotiation skills can help you receive the right compensation for your hard work. As a beginner, you may have to start with lower rates, but you can improve on this aspect over time as you gain good reviews over time. 

If you are not sure where to start, try looking for what other freelance writers with your experience and skill level are charging for their services.  Freelance writers charge clients by project, hourly, or per word. You can make this choice based on your preferences.


  1. Widen Your Network

Being a freelance writer is nothing less than running a business. Everyone understands the importance of networking to help a business grow. Similarly, you must network more as a freelancer to be surrounded by support even when working from home.

Instead of considering every other freelance writer a competitor, you should keep an open mind and consider them your work buddies. Looking at other freelancers on the same path as you can help you see career paths available as a freelance writer and feel inspired by the success of others.

Once you become a part of the freelance writer’s community, you can benefit from career opportunities, client referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and expert advice. 

You can find local conferences, meetups, webinars, and social media to meet other professionals on the same path as you. You can rely on them for support and guidance, which can be very helpful, especially for beginners.


  1. Welcome Feedback

Being a beginner freelance writer means that you have a lot to learn about the industry, its norms, expectations, rates, and a lot more. As you may need some time to adjust to the new aspects of being a freelance writer, your work will also need the same adjustments.

Whether you ask a beta reader for feedback or hire a professional editor to help you bring out the best in your work, every bit of help in improving your writing skills can do wonders in helping you achieve your full potential.

Client feedback is vital for freelancers to improve their writing skills. It can be hard to sit through criticism, but try to take it positively and use it as a learning opportunity. Successful freelance writers value feedback from clients to pave their path to success.


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