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Buy The Best Engagement Rings Blue Sapphire



Blue has a unique energy and identity, blue is different and pretty. Awesome blue sapphires rings can revive whole engagement ceremony and all the guests will get amazed with its beautiful and attractive vibe. As sapphire blue stone is very rare and expensive, it’s important to know some qualities of the original one, so that you can prevent yourself from scams. There are various ways to check whether or not a gem is original. These includes color and color zoning, windowing, extinction and overall look. Knowing all these things will save your time, money and energy while getting an engagement ring’s blue sapphire.

Best Ways To Pick a Sapphire Engagement Ring: 

Well the prices of sapphire gemstones varies according to the quality of the stone. For this purpose it is very essential to consider some of the essential factors before buying any of the engagement rings blue sapphire

Color and Color Zoning: 


Color is one of the most important characteristics of a sapphire. Significantly, if you want to buy a classic blue Sapphire engagement ring then it must have pure to violet blue hue. Moreover, the stone should possess vivid saturation with medium to dark tone. 

Color Zoning: 

Sometimes sapphires also exhibit color zoning. Some of the gemstones show light and dark blue bands. Dramatically, some bands also alternate among colorless and blue material. So it is very essential that the gem must have enough of the real crystals and you will see that these bands form a hexagonal pattern. This will show the original shape of the crystal. 


Sometimes, the best colors also won’t show well because they possess a window which means that the stone has spots at the bottom of the pavilion. This effect is created by the cut of the gem. So in order to check the windowing of engagement rings blue Sapphire you need to hold the stone against the printed paper. Then if you are able to see print through the stone then it will definitely have windowing. With the best sapphires you will not see print at all. 


All the sapphire stones have a certain amount of extinction which means dark patches without returning light. But most probably only 25% of the stone shows extinction, not more than that. Extinction on extreme levels only occurs in dark stones or stones with deep pavilions. So for checking a blue Sapphire extinction you need to hold the stone against the white paper sheet. Now you need to observe how much the true color of the stone reflects back to you. The more excellence and less extinction and windowing exhibits from a blue Sapphire the more elegant it will appear. 

How To Clean A Sapphire Ring?

Obviously when we wear rings they can build up dirt. This can be a natural consequence while wearing your engagement ring. So it is very important to follow simple but useful methods for maintaining the beauty of your blue Sapphire engagement ring. You can simply take warm water in a cup and some drops of dishwashing detergent. Then soak it in the solution of water for a few minutes and then clean it with gentle hands and after doing so your ring is ready to dazzle again! 


Thus, blue sapphires are one of the most trendy and traditional gemstones for engagement rings. It will enhance the beauty of the bride when she wears it. Flawlessly, blue sapphires are durable, rare and beautiful. Some brides want the combo of traditional and trendy, so for their engagement rings blue sapphire are the ultimate option. So you can visit our online store, buy a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring and make your bride happy. 


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