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Best Solar Panels manufacturer company in India 2024


India has set an unprecedented objective that its installed solar power to reach 300 GW by 2030.  Consequently, the solar equipment manufacturing industry is set for tremendous expansion. The government’s supportive policies, such as tax subsidies and the facilitation of 100% FDI, play a key role in the transition to the use of solar panels for home and commercial purposes, thus creating a bright future for solar energy in the country.

Loom Solar

Loom Solar is a resounding competitor in the Indian solar panels market, as it has already built up a reliable production that can produce 100 MW. Five years after launching has become a fast-grown startup in Faridabad, Haryana.  Its quick ascent to mark achievements demonstrates the vision orientation of the company. 

Comprehensive Product Range

Loom Solar Panels of solutions includes a variety of solar systems designed for residential, commercial, and agriculture use. Their product line comprises SOLAR PANELS, batteries with lithium and inverter, targeting different energy issues.

Advanced Technology and Sustainability

The company has already attained a leading position in the niche market using mono-PERC solar cells, the latest in the solar technology, emphasizing on efficiency and durability. From a sustainability perspective, the panels are resilient, lasting for 30 years while being covered by the 25-year warranty plan the manufacturer provides in-site, which gives consumers much needed peace of mind. 

Extensive Reach and Certifications

The organization’s dominion spreads across 100 cities of India, with a powerful probe of 150 employees, 10000 resellers, 10 facilities and the manufacturing unit. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is also proved by their ISO 9001 – 2015 certification and the commendation of the Government of India. 

Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar which forms an important part of the Tata Group is globally rated amongst the top solar power players offering services not only in solar power but across-the-board solutions for six continents. Set up more than 34 years ago, the company has a substantial influence in over 100 countries which means that it has huge experience and is committed to solar technology. With a robust track record, Tata Power Solar has successfully shipped 3 GW of modules globally and has significantly contributed to India’s solar capacity, with 9.7 GWp in utility-scale projects and more than 1 GW in rooftop installations.

Key Offerings and Initiatives

Products and Solutions: Tata Power Solar offers a diverse range of products including Solar Water Pumps, Solar Microgrids, and Solar RO Systems for rural solutions, and the Tata Power Solaroof for residential, commercial, and institutional setups.


The company has been acknowledged with numerous awards, highlighting its excellence in the solar power sector.

Adani Solar

Comprehensive Manufacturing and Technology

Famous India’s biggest standalone solar player Adani Solar, having a 4 GW vertically integrated solar production capacity, claims it is willing to scale it up in future. This enterprise has in place an ambitious 10GW solar PV manufacturing ecosystem ecosystem in Mundra, India which is a first of its kind world-wide and meant to incorporate all the links of the solar ecosystem chain.

Product Innovation and Sustainability

Adani Solar offers innovative products like the Eternal (Monofacial) and Elan (Bifacial) series, which include 132 Cell modules with 610-650 Wp and 144 Cell modules with 520-545 Wp respectively 1. Their N/P-Type modules demonstrate up to 87% Bifaciality, with energy gains of up to 22% with a reflective surface over their lifetime.

PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana

Overview and Objectives

The PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, announced by Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Minister of Finance, who was the one responsible for the introduction of this program, did this on February 1, 2021. It is the much-awaited, eventually, taken care of by the prime minister on his speech given on 15th of February, 2021 which is undeniably the Blockchain primary of the central government. The mission plans to provide free electricity to one crore homes throughout India through the use of rooftop solar panels. This plan is not only working for the energy independence as a whole but it goes further towards increasing the economic status of a country through generation of jobs and reduced electricity costs. 

Eligibility and Subsidy Details

To be qualified for this plan, applicants must be Indian citizens who own a house with a roof suitable for solar installations and their annual family income is not more than Rupees 1. Demand that 5 lakh daily riders must own a vehicle and should have emissions certificates; and that these people must not be employed by the government. The Indian government offers subsidies, which are quite substantial, differing from ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 78,000 depending on the system capacity and up to 3 kW.

Registration and Benefits

Households interested in availing of the benefits can register on the official scheme website. This initiative is expected to save the government approximately We spend total 75,000 crore annually on electricity bills. It also considers an opportunity to give 300 units of free electricity per month to every household, which will result in a huge saving of ₹15,000 to ₹1,80,000 per year for the beneficiaries. Furthermore, residential sector is stepping into the field of solar energy through helping to add 30 GW of solar capacity in rooftops. 

Waaree Energies

Comprehensive Solar Module Offerings

Waaree Energies provides a diverse range of solar modules tailored to various energy needs. Their offerings include Bifacial, Mono, Small, and Subsidy Solar Modules, ensuring a fit for different applications and benefits.

Bifacial and Mono PERC Modules

Bifacial Solar Modules: These include the WAAREE 575Wp and 550Wp 144Cells TOPCON N-Type, as well as several Mono PERC models ranging from 535Wp to 545Wp, all designed to maximize energy capture from both sides of the panel.

Advanced Technology and Warranties

N-type TOPCon Modules: This technology is notable for higher efficiency and excellent characteristics of superior performance like excellent anti-PID ability and lower degradation rate. At Waaree, we give a warranty period of 12 years and 30 years for product performance on these modules. 


During this investigation we can see the tales of solar panel manufacturers and government that India leads to a sustainability and a country independent. A firm like Tata Power Solar, Loom Solar, Adani Solar, and Waaree Energies are some examples of companies who are leading the development of solar technologies, production line and even sustainability procedures. Such efforts, as well as the government’s ambitious PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana which is a solar rooftop programme, show a single-minded approach to the expansion of the solar capacity, the decrease of the electricity costs and the promotion of the economic development through the job creation. 


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