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Best Block for Residential Investment in Blue World City


A safe and profitable home investment in Blue World City Islamabad depends on some factors. In addition, a society must meet all the requirements of an ideal, cutting-edge way of life if it wishes to attract investors. The international standard is practically the same as it is. Furthermore, a housing society that is worth its salt ensures two important things: first, that its members have a healthy work-life balance, and second, that its members have affordable rates. The long-sought-after infrastructure and luxurious amenities must also be within reach. The good news is that Blue World City has it all and more. Several excellent options exist for investors in the Blue World City Residential Block.

Furthermore, every single block in Blue World City is just perfect and would be a great investment. So, prospective investors who are keeping an eye on the housing investment choices in society can compare the payment plan, location, and other criteria.

Blue World City Builders 

The developers of Blue World City are a major factor in the city’s ability to attract a large audience. The fact that the renowned Blue Group of Companies is there to oversee and carry out BWC is also very significant. This is because confidence and trust between investors and developers are paramount. Furthermore, it’s only feasible if the proprietors and developers have successfully delivered satisfactory services and ventures.

Over the past 20 years, Blue Group of Companies has expanded its reach into a wide variety of areas, specializations, and industries. The assurance of top-notch quality is essential in any industry, be it real estate, marketing, architectural services, printing, Blue Palm, Blue Bricks, or apparel.

Available Properties 

Investors have a lot more leeway thanks to Blue World City’s diversified and diverse master plan. As a result, there is an explosion in both professional opportunities and individual conveniences. The residential plot prices in Blue World City are also quite affordable, allowing homeowners to choose according to their budget. Here are a few examples:

Nevertheless, we shall investigate which Block provides the most attractive residential investment opportunity.

Payment Plan for Residential Investment Blocks

For the investment to be considered a success, it must provide first-rate amenities that perfectly capture the essence of luxury. Nonetheless, I have outlined a few inexpensive payment methods that involve numerous blocks:

General Block

  • With a mere 149,000 PKR, you may acquire General Block 5 Marla for 1,490,000 PKR.
  • With just 191,500 put down, you may acquire 8 Marla for 1,915,000.
  • With a down payment of 229,000, the 10 Marla can be yours for 2,290,000.
  • With a down payment of 830,000, the total cost of 2 Kanals is 8,300,000.

Overseas Block

  • The total price for Overseas Block 7 Marla is 1,925,000, with a down payment of 192,000.
  • Even though the down payment is only 268,000, the total cost of 10 Marla is 2,680,000.
  • With a down payment of 365,000, the price of 14 Marla is 3,650,000.
  • With a down payment of 480,000, the price of 1 kanal is 4,800,000.
  • The price for 2 Kanal is 7,700,000, with a down payment of 770,000.

Hollywood Block

  • The price for one kanal is 7,500,000, with a down payment of 1,875,000.
  • With a down payment of 3,500,000, the price of 2 Kanals is 14,000,000.

Waterfront District

  • The entire price tag for 6 Marla in the Waterfront District is 1,750,000. The amount needed as a down payment is 175,000.
  • The total cost of 12 Marla is 3,150,000, including a down payment of 315,000.
  • There is a 420,000 dollar down payment on the 4,200,000 dollar home at 18 Marla.

Awami Residential Complex

  • You may own this 3 Marla home in the Awami Residential Complex for 690,000 with a down payment of 59,400 and a monthly payment of 6,900.

Some aspects concerning residential plots in Blue World City that speak for diversity and economic viability are these.


The location of the Block is another crucial consideration when making a home investment decision. The answer is conditional on the availability of a place’s infrastructure, as well as its professional and career-oriented conveniences. The investment becomes much more appealing and profitable when personal amenities are included. The M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport both provide direct access to Blue World City, which is located on Main Chakri Road.

Furthermore, a plethora of other crucial and economically successful locations and venues within the twin cities are incredibly close by, making life easier for people in every aspect. A family-friendly environment is also created by the presence of all educational institutions, commercial centers, and other societies. Nevertheless, every block is in a perfect position, which makes them great investments for both commercial and residential use.


Blue World City, the ideal place to invest in a home, offers a wide range of choices over many blocks. What works for an investor now and in the future is contingent upon their requirements, preferences, and the practicality of their chosen option. That being said, it is equally crucial to have a keen awareness of and knowledge of the many property kinds and the characteristics that set them apart. You can also reach out to Estate Land Marketing, a seasoned real estate agency, at any time for help, questions, or to reserve a plot.


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